Hypnosis can be a huge help with a variety of personal issues. Everything from simply alleviating stress from social media exposure to helping to deal with chronic pain or the side effects of advanced medical procedures.


ONE THING TO NOTE: Hypnosis can be a HUGE help in getting you through an illness or dealing with the side effects of medications and procedures. It IS NOT a replacement for medical procedures! If anyone offers to cure you with hypnosis, run away…immediately!


Hypnosis helps battle illness by allowing your body to most effectively utilize its own very powerful abilities for healing and well-being. It can be a hugely effective tool for getting better, but it should not EVER be seen as an alternative to medical science!


So, if you’re interested in private consultation, what are the steps?


First, shoot me an email to get the ball rolling to I will first set up a conversation with you and any loved ones you’d like involved. We can do this via phone or via Skype, in which case we can video chat, if you prefer. We can also communicate via Face Time.


During this initial conversation, I’ll ask you some questions regarding your issue and what you are looking for as far as assistance. If I think I can help, and you feel comfortable with what I will have outlined as our plan of attack, we’ll set up a session.


I prefer to do the sessions at your home, place of business or anywhere that is comfortable to you. A high level of comfort for you increases our chances of success. Once we are both sold on giving it a shot, we’ll set up a time and date and get right into it!




CAN I HAVE MY SESSION DONE VIA SKYPE? The thing is, I have done that with success. It is not, however, a preferred method. There’s a lot more I can do to ensure you have a great session if I’m with you in person. I particularly don’t care for a digital session without at least having had one in-person session prior.


CAN I HAVE SOMEONE ELSE WITH ME DURING THE SESSION? By all means, yes! The more comfortable you are, the better our chances of success, and having a friend or loved one present is of tremendous comfort to many people.


CAN I RECORD THE SESSION? Of course! The only thing I ask is that you do not make the induction or suggestions I give available publicly. This is simply because the suggestions I give are specific to your situation, and having others try and adapt them to their individual situation would likely not work out well.


HOW MANY SESSIONS WOULD I NEED TO BE EFFECTIVE? That varies widely from case to case. Could be one. Typically, people will experience benefits after one session. However, it’s beneficial to be able to do a few sessions where suggestions can be given to help fortify the ideas into the subconscious. I prefer to do at least 3 sessions on consecutive days, but that is absolutely not a necessity.


HOW MUCH DOES THIS COST? Here’s the good part: I do this because I genuinely want to help people. Therefore, I leave what you wish to pay for your session(s) entirely up to you. Now, of course, for anything more than 100 miles from my home, you would be responsible for my expenses (lodging, meals, etc.) but I would give you a number for that before we even schedule the session.


Once we have completed the session(s), if you feel they have been of value, you are welcome to pay before I leave. You are also more than welcome to not pay at all at the time. I will leave a PayPal email address with you, and if you decide your session was of value, send what you feel comfortable with. AT NO POINT do I ask for payment outside of expenses, so as to not make anyone feel awkward.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me at: or post the question at our Q&A PAGE.


I look forward to hearing from you and seeing if I can help you.