Curtis Candy has been a hypnotist and entertainer for over 30 years. His new show, THE DESTRESS, RELAX & LAUGH TOUR, is a great combination of fun and hilarious entertainment, along with providing some wildly cool and effective “life hacks” via the power of self-hypnosis. Shocking in its simplicity and amazing in its effectiveness, the methods for de-stressing, relaxing and managing learned at this show can truly be life changing!

The show runs approximately 90 minutes and your audience will be captivated, both learning and laughing, throughout. For a detailed breakdown of the show, please just click over to:


Curtis Candy has been an entertainer for his entire adult life. He broke into the pro wrestling industry back in 1981, and supplemented that with a standup comedy career that began in 1984. Curtis had always been fascinated by the workings of the human mind, and had been fascinated by hypnosis from the time he first saw a hypnotic stage show when he was 6. Upon meeting a magician/hypnotist while on the road doing comedy in 1986, he embarked on a fun and rewarding adventure of learning all there is to know about hypnosis and its benefits. That learning and enjoyment process continues to this day, and will likely never end.

Curtis has performed many hundreds of hypnosis events, ranging from comedy stage shows to private clinical hypnosis for pain management, stress relief, smoking cessation, weight loss and countless other situations.


“Curtis had the kids as well as the adults absolutely hysterical with the comedy portion of the show! Learning about hypnosis was also fascinating for all of us, and the tips for dealing with stress and getting good sleep are something we’ve all been doing & talking about ever since! Highly Recommended!” -Kandace Rose- FFCS Deputy District Treasurer and Class of 2018 Advisor (Event: The FFCS Class of 2018 After Prom Party)

“I was able to catch a live performance of Curtis Candy’s hypnosis show. He had 6 people that he was able to convince to do things that a cynical person like myself would never have believed if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. It was hilarious. It was entertaining. It was enlightening to see what kind of capabilities the human mind has when tapped. Curtis is the real deal.”     -Scott Groverston- Audience Member at “Xeno’s Musical Carnival and Sideshow” Glens Falls, NY

“If you’re looking for something fun, and “different” for your next gathering; this is it! This comedy hypnosis show had my friends and I laughing from beginning to end. Not to mention the hypnosis and relaxation life-hacks that were included- who doesn’t need a little zen assistance in their life?” -Alyssa L. – Broadalbin, NY – Private Party

“I was doubtful but hopeful when I had Curtis come over to see if he could help me with the pain I get from Fibromyalgia. I am so glad that I did! It has been a big help in helping me be able to deal with the pain from day to day. I actually got to go on a road trip with the family which is something I hadn’t been able to do for a long time because sitting in the car was too uncomfortable!” – Lynn F. – Watertown, CT



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