Hypnosis is at its absolute finest when it is effectively utilized in reducing and managing chronic pain!

As more and more studies and research on the stunning effectiveness of hypnosis in regards to pain management are published by researchers and health care professionals, the more excited I have been to utilize this method of improving people’s quality of life.

While it’s been known for some time that hypnosis can be a powerful pain deterrent for many, it has been relatively recently that studies have shown us exactly why and how it works. The knowledge of the actual brain functions that hypnosis stimulates to ease or remove pain has allowed for refining the suggestions given to sufferers to maximize the results of hypnotic pain relief.

Conditions such as Fibromyalgia – and many other chronic pain maladies – are particularly receptive to hypnosis-inspired relief, as their cause is very much in line with the relief that hypnotic suggestion can provide.

Quite possibly, the best part of all this is that hypnosis is 100% side-effect and risk free. There are no potential consequences to a hypnosis session…outside of a really relaxing, awesome rest during the process.

There is a litany of articles describing various studies of the hypnotic effectiveness for pain relief, but below are a few of those fascinating reads.

There is nothing more gratifying about being a hypnotist than when I can actually help someone to live a more pain-free life.