Many years ago, while I was doing standup comedy for a living, I did a series of shows with a man who performed magic in his act. He also did hypnosis… It was a good thing, as he wasn’t a particularly good magician. Anyway, I’d always had a fascination with how the mind works, and more specifically, a wonder as to whether or not hypnosis was real, and if it was, how it worked.


After a show one night, I got this man to hypnotize me. That settled the question of whether or not it was real. I asked him to teach me about hypnosis. Unfortunately, he was able to teach me how to do inductions, but he knew nothing else about hypnosis itself. This experience, though, led me on a lifetime of curiosity and discovery about hypnosis and how it unlocks some really powerful and cool abilities of the mind.


Through research done by people who are WAY smarter than me, we now have a pretty good understanding of how hypnosis works. This research has also served to help me to understand just how powerful suggestions delivered to the subconscious can be. While making people believe that their left hand is where their right hand is supposed to be and vice versa during a stage performance is fun, funny and entertaining, what is WAY more important is how taking control of the subconscious can help us in REAL ways in navigating life and its challenges.


Hypnosis has become a staple in the medical field; a valuable tool not only for those in the psychological field, but in many other areas of health and wellness. Many surgeons now have patients under a local anesthesia during a procedure hypnotized, as it can basically eliminate the anxiety the patient would otherwise be feeling.


Before we go any further, let me provide you some online resources from only the most reputable sources to support everything I’ve outlined. These articles and research may shock you with just how potent an ally hypnosis can be for one’s wellness:


UNDERSTANDING HYPNOSIS (FASCINATING video with clinical research outlining, among other things, the differences between hypnotic pain suppression and placebo pain suppression.)




These are just a few of many articles and research papers that have begun to truly open up the areas in which hypnosis can be a very real assistant in dealing with everything from daily stress to chronic pain.


In truth, there are a LOT of small day-to-day areas where self-hypnosis can provide a great deal of comfort and support to people. Many of these don’t even require going into a hypnotic “trance”. They are simply a matter of learning to quickly access the subconscious and giving it an on-the-spot suggestion(s).


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