This roughly 90-minute show combines a relaxed, fun atmosphere that has a lot of laughs with simple lessons on some personal “life hacks” using self-hypnosis. These methods are easy to accomplish, yet are some of the most rewarding things you will ever do for yourself, and your overall ability to feel good.


Whether it be helping you defeat insomnia, taking your stress level down, remembering some moments that may have otherwise been lost or a litany of other simple life-improving techniques, the mind management you will learn here can do absolutely nothing but help you, as there is no side effect and no downside to at least giving it a try!




I open the show with a little background on myself and how I became fascinated with hypnosis. We then discuss EXACTLY what hypnosis is and what it is not. By clearly explaining the simple, natural process of hypnosis – rather than falsely presenting it as some sort of magic or mysticism – people are much more relaxed and enthusiastic to give it a try.


I then choose a few volunteers from the audience to come on stage with me and be hypnotized… I can proudly say that – while general stats say about 15-20% of people are extremely somnambulistic or suggestible (they go “deep” into hypnosis) – I average closer to 45%. The delivery of the induction is very important.


The hypnotized folks are then given some fun and entertaining suggestions that clearly illustrate just how powerful the subconscious mind is. I don’t do “carnival type” suggestions, but rather ones that demonstrate the strength of accessing the subconscious through hypnosis to utilize hypnotic suggestion as a powerful tool for life.


After this demonstration, the volunteers are “awakened”, thanked and sent back to their seats. I then get down to explaining how everyone can harness the abilities they just witnessed in their everyday lives to help them with a lot of life’s challenges. The majority of people will get to feel this ability right there in their seats.


This is an evening of fun and entertainment that can leave you with a lifetime ability for making your own life a more pleasant, less stressful place. In today’s world of unrivaled political and personal discord, a little peace of mind goes a long way!


So, what does it cost to bring this experience to my employees or audience? The thing is, I’d give you a hard and fast number, but I don’t have one. I’m in the fortunate position that I don’t HAVE to make a certain number of dollars. Plus, I do this show because I love hypnosis and really enjoy talking about it with people and helping out folks… In other words, the cost is always negotiable. Please just contact me at to get started.