This show is perfect for any type of gathering. It offers a fascinating look at hypnosis and how it works, dispelling many of the long held misconceptions about the practice, and also offers a really fun and practical look at all the benefits hypnosis can offer. This is an especially great show for a restaurant/bar or a corporate venue.


On the corporate side, the show can be followed up with me making return trips to provide employees with hypnotic sessions to attempt to help them with smoking cessation, dietary management and a variety of other life-enhancing issues. CONTACT ME for more details about these individually designed shows.


We start with a fun and entertaining discussion about what exactly hypnosis is and how it works. I discuss with the audience what their thoughts are about hypnosis and how all of our perceptions have been at least partially cultivated by the sometimes silly way hypnotism has been portrayed on TV and in the movies.


We go through a few fun “tests” to see how receptive each person may be to hypnotic suggestion, and then bring up a few volunteers to help demonstrate the power of hypnosis in a very fun, entertaining and non-embarrassing manner.


The show is capped off by selecting a few audience members to individually undergo a clinical hypnosis session to work with any type of issue with which a hypnotic session may be able to help. This is a bonus for these audience members, as the ticket price for the show is substantially less than the cost of a clinical hypnosis session when booked separately.


As always, just contact me at 518-279-6483 or CURTIS@CURTISCANDY.COM to get plans for your show underway!