Hypnosis shows are a fantastic method of fundraising! Because the overhead is extremely limited, the space required to host the event very reasonable, and the appeal to a VERY wide audience great, a comedy hypnosis show is as close to a “can’t miss” proposition for profitable fundraising as exists!


Once you have booked me for your event, I will work with you in any and every way I can to help ensure that your organization not only makes money, but also has a good time doing it.


Aside from the obvious revenue of ticket sales for the show, refreshments can be a nice source of cash flow, as well. Also, a 50/50 raffle and “Basket Raffles” can add a great deal of financial pop to the event’s success. I can even incorporate having our on-stage hypnotized volunteers pick raffle winners, possibly as they impersonate a famous person, speak in a language that they don’t speak or some other entertaining method of selecting our winners.


Contact me at 518-554-0555 or CURTIS@CURTISCANDY.COM and we can get started putting together a VERY fun and successful fundraiser!