I’ve been a hypnotist for a lot of years… Recently, people who are WAY smarter than me have uncovered the science behind hypnosis. Their research has opened up a whole new world of the untapped possibilities hypnosis provides as far as greatly improving our day-to-day life and overall well-being. (Some links to just a few of these research articles are at the bottom of this page for those geeked out by such things, as am I.)

I first got interested in hypnosis as an extension of a fascination I’ve long had about the power and potential of our minds. While perfecting techniques for quality induction into a state of hypnosis has been fun, it was also frustrating because there were a lot of elements that I was able to master, but didn’t fully understand how or why they worked the way they did. Research on hypnosis was sparse and many times rather lackadaisical in effort.

Now, the vast majority of psychological professionals regularly employ hypnosis as a cornerstone of their practices. Hypnosis is even frequently used in operating rooms, as a quality addition to local anesthetics.

For me, these understandings led to a really stunning and simple method for reducing stress levels and day-to-day angst. Basically, many people have found this type of life improving peace through meditation (a form of self-hypnosis) but now I understood WHY this works. This made teaching people some simple steps for finding that peace at their will quite simple and fun.

In the “De-Stress & Relaxation Tour” we enjoy an event of a lot of laughs, fun and some VERY cool learnings about how our minds work and how to take advantage of the immense control we actually have over our emotions and overall well-being.

I start with a discussion about hypnosis and what it genuinely is and is not. Hollywood has helped to create a thick cloud of misinformation about hypnosis, and when people learn what a simple, natural process entering a hypnotic state actually is, it strips away any trepidation they may have about participating.

I then have a few folks join me onstage and I hypnotize them. We then enjoy some fun watching how powerful our subconscious mind is by observing people being 100% convinced that their name is now “Sally” instead of “Roger”. It’s interesting to see someone no longer know that the number 4 exists or witness them unable to find their shoe, which they are holding in their hand.

These fun little suggestions are simply to clearly illustrate how tapping into the subconscious is a powerful method for allowing our mind to step back from harsh realities for a little while and escape into a world of thoughts and feelings of our OWN DESIGN.

Then, I bring our volunteers out of their hypnotic state and I explain for all the simple little tips and tricks of how to harness this awesome ability our subconscious provides. It’s not necessary at all to go through an entire hypnotic induction to reap these benefits. Instead it takes nothing more than a little applied knowledge to be able to turn our stress or depression down and allow for some relaxing and enjoyable moments of peace.

It’s not mystical, it’s not magical. It is simply the process of taking advantage of the abilities our minds come with as standard equipment.

Whether you have a school or social group or have a business with employees who could use some methods for de-stressing, this event can be truly life improving. Even if you just want to gather a private group for an evening of fun and adventure, this is a show you’ll really enjoy and from which you and your friends/co-workers/classmates can take away some pretty cool, mind-based life hacks.

Please contact me ASAP to set up this event! Find me at or 518-554-0555

Talk to ya soon.

Neuroscience gets serious about hypnosis