Aside from the fun and frivolity of a great stage show, the fact remains that hypnosis demonstrates the awesome abilities of one’s mind. My corporate show is fun for everyone, as they see how truly powerful their own mind can be, as demonstrated through various hypnotic and post-hypnotic suggestions.


However, the point that is really driven home in this display is how crucial allowing one’s mind to function at top efficiency is in the business world. While learning to effectively harness this ability is not in itself a guarantee of success in every business encounter, it certainly is a powerful step in knowing that you enter every situation as thoroughly prepared and equipped for success as possible.


This show has a very powerful message, clearly demonstrating how a strong focus lends a HUGE advantage in any type of negotiation, execution, creation or any business or personal meeting or project.


Hypnosis – and related mind exercises – are not mystical or magical, nor are they illusion. This point is highlighted in a fun and entertaining manner that will open the eyes of your employees to tapping into all their brain has to offer.


Just EMAIL ME AT CURTIS@CURTISCANDY.COM or call me at 518-554-0555 with a brief description of what you would like for your corporate event, and I will get back to you promptly and we’ll work things out from there.