A Comedy Stage Hypnosis show is a fun and hilarious event for your school, comedy club, Fundraiser or venue of pretty much ANY type!


I will work with you to tailor the show to your specific audience. Lots of fun and laughs will be had whether your group is strictly family-friendly, a little more racey or even into R-rated humor! Check out the basic levels below:



These shows are fun for everybody! The suggestions for the fun-loving volunteers are things such as taking a fun safari trip and encountering exotic and peculiar animals, bugs, etc. Our crew might encounter a famous celebrity and be allowed to ask him/her a few questions. We’ll also give individual fun and funny suggestions, many based on input from friends and family members in the audience. It’s truly fun and amazing to watch the power of people’s minds and imaginations.



This adventure is very similar to the Family Friendly show, but with some slightly more mature themes thrown in. Maybe an adventure in a haunted house or a ride on the tallest, most insane roller coaster ever built. Individuals will be given a cloak of invisibility or maybe appointed local law enforcement, watching out for gigglers and those who say “naughty” words, such as “floog”.



This show is all about having a good time in a more “grown-ups only” kinda way. Suggestions won’t include the squashing of colorful language and our fun volunteers will be living out some racier scenarios. Guys may find that they believe they are having moments of arousal at inopportune moments, and they may be confronted by the nice lady who is the police officer appointed to discourage such “pointed” violations. Reactions are quite funny when our panel learns that the audience is naked, and funnier still when they realize that the audience is clothed, but now they are naked.


Just EMAIL ME AT CURTIS@CURTISCANDY.COM or call me at 518-554-0555 with a brief description of what type of show you have in mind, and I will get back to you promptly and we’ll work things out from there.