If you’re looking for assistance to stop smoking, lose weight, improve focus or any type of self-improvement, I’m more than happy to set up a session with you at your own home or place of business. Many times, hypnosis can truly help people beat bad habits and help them to accomplish goals in life.


Please note, however, that I do not cross into what I would consider any type of therapy. If you’re having emotional issues, continual depression or suicidal thoughts or anything of that nature, PLEASE contact a licensed psychological professional.


The services I can offer are basically teaching your subconscious mind to dictate to you the changes in your life that YOU want to make. This is a very powerful method of improving your existence. I cannot hypnotize away deep-seated emotional distress or psychological illness or lack of well-being. There are professionals who absolutely can help with you with these issues, and I can’t encourage you strongly enough to seek them out.


But, if you’re really committed to wanting to stop smoking, eating better and/or losing weight, gain better focus, beat insomnia, become less anxious, rid yourself of phobias or any one of myriad issues that plague us, let me see if I can help. As a risk/reward proposition, hypnosis can’t be beat, as there are no side effects and the opportunities and possibilities to really help yourself are there!


Just contact me at 518-554-0555 or CURTIS@CURTISCANDY.COM and we’ll get started arranging to try and help you beat some demons or even some little nuisances.