I have always enjoyed entertaining!

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of witty remarks I was clever enough to conjure up during story time or other elementary school moments when the teacher was selfishly wanting all the attention for his or her self… I also fondly remember all those quaint conversations with the principal. He was a nice – albeit, exasperated – man.

Another of my early passions was professional wrestling.

The blending of athleticism and performance was something fascinating and tantalizing to me. I spent over 25 years working the “indies” (independent organizations) of the wrestling world, and I Ioved every moment of it. The thing is, in wrestling, one must have a “gimmick”; a trait that sets them apart. Well, I wasn’t good looking enough to be a pretty boy, not super athletic enough to be a high-flyer and not huge enough to be one of the “mountains”.

What I did have, though, was an incredibly high threshold for pain. Basically, my matches evolved into a big game of “let’s see if this doesn’t kill him”.



My need for entertaining was also fulfilled by standup comedy. I have worked bars, comedy clubs and various hell-holes throughout the country. In my travels, I met an entertainer who was a magician/hypnotist. I had always had a fascination with the brain – even before chairs to the head turned mine to pudding – and this gentleman was kind enough to, not only teach me hypnosis, but fully explain to me how it worked. As I realized that hypnosis is not an illusion; it’s not crystals and magic, but actually a fascinating method of allowing one’s subconscious mind to be placed forefront, I was hooked.

The entertainment field is notoriously low-paying for the most part, so I have maintained a day job throughout my life to provide for my family and their future. Now, as I am on the threshold of retirement, I can finally put all my effort into performing hypnosis on a regular basis. It’s something I have dreamed of for some time, and I’m very happy to be living this part of my life having fun and meeting lots of great, new people.