Hi… My name is Curtis.


I’ve been involved with hypnotism for over 30 years now. How our brains work, and tapping into their incredible abilities, has been something that has fascinated me since childhood.


For many years, I’ve had a great time meeting new people and making them laugh doing comedy stage hypnosis. While I’ve enjoyed this time, having discovered ways of utilizing hypnosis as a truly effective tool for dealing with everything from pain management, insomnia, stress and a litany of other issues – both big and small – has led me to devote my time to helping people simply live a more comfortable life.


So now, my stage show combines fun and laughter with an arsenal of insanely cool life hacks that everyone can use to make their day-to-day existence less stressful and more carefree and even pain free. I’m also expanding my personal one-on-one sessions from only word of mouth scheduling to including anyone from anywhere who wants help.




WHAT I DO: I can help you with dealing with stress, smoking cessation, pain management, including dealing with side effects of medical treatments, insomnia, recovering lost memories and pretty much reigning in any type of behavior or addiction you genuinely wish to rid yourself of.


WHAT I DO NOT DO: I do not try and help people with dealing with suicidal feelings, schizophrenia or ANY type of deep-seated psychological concerns. While many professionals will utilize hypnosis in treatment of these issues, I am not a medical professional, and if you are having any type of problems such as these, I encourage you to seek professional assistance. They REALLY can help you!


Please check out my MY BACKGROUND & WHAT IS HYPNOSIS page to learn more about how I became a hypnotist and to see some eye-opening articles and video that explain just how powerful and useful hypnosis has been found to be by researchers and medical professionals.


To book my LAUGHS & LIFE HACKS show for your corporate event, school function, fundraiser, club or private party, please just visit my CLICK HERE.


To get in touch with me to learn more about having me come to your home or place of business to help you or a loved one with any type of aforementioned issues, please head to my PRIVATE CONSULTATION page.


Also, while not necessarily wanting to “toot my own horn”, please remember that not every hypnotist spends a lot of time learning exactly how to help people. Because someone is able to induct people into a hypnotic state DOES NOT mean they know what types of suggestions will be effective in helping that person!